We are challenging you to design a lampshade using plastic from milk bottles or plastic juice containers! 

Designing lamps has been foundational for designers since the invention of electricity and lets you exercise and showcase key design skills:

  • Crafting form
    • How can you arrange all the practical components of a lamp to not only to work but to also to look beautiful?
  • Crafting light quality
    • Which is a great way to elicit different emotions, Think of the lighting in a romantic setting, compared to the lighting at school, or in the kitchen.

Milk bottle plastic is a thermoform plastic, which means it can be heated and re-shaped.

  • You can take strips from your milk bottle and warm them up to make different forms.
  • You can explore what effects the plastic will have on the light quality of a lightbulb.

Here are some examples we made, and the video below shows you how to manipulate the plastic in more detail.

Extra Challenge

Can you create and integrate an interactive switch for your light?

Designing lights is a great way to develop interaction design skills. How do your users turn the light on and off? Can you make the interaction of turning it on and off be surprising, quirky, or seamless with other activities?


If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration head over to:

https://ecc.co.nz/design/designers They have profiles of some of their designers that you may find interesting

Or check out this video where they show you how to melt and manipulate milkbottle plastic. They make solid forms. However, you might want to experiment with shaping the thin sheets of the more translucent plastic, which will still let the light shine through.


Note the following requirements:

  • You must submit your work by 27th September 2024.
  • Videos must be less than 30 seconds

Submit Here

There are no rules of what additional materials or technology you can use. This is entirely up to your creative intent, and what resources you have access to. 


Future Designer Champion

$120 Prize for the best submission

Future Designer Runner-up

$60 Prize for the submission

Each will have their name and work published on the Future Designer’s website.

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