We are challenging you to create your very own looping animation! 

You have 48 frames in which to create your animated masterpiece. And there are prizes up for grabs!   

Remember the best way to achieve a loop is to ensure the first frame and the last frame match up. 

You can use any medium you like: 

  • Traditional drawing 
  • Stop motion
  • Pixel art 
  • 3D 
  • Or a mix! 

If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration head over to: 


Where you will find a catalogue of looping animations in a variety of different styles and mediums.

What is animation?

Animation is the illusion of motion through static images—making still things look like they’re moving.  

Animation is everywhere! From feature films to ads on television; in video games and in the apps on our phones. Almost anything presented on screen has some animated components.  

Extra Challenge

Push yourself to achieve a high-quality animation with a limited number of frames! Using 24 frames, or even 12, can you use composition, framing, illustration and movement to create something just as expressive as a 48 frame loop?


Note the following requirements:

  • You must submit your work by 27th September 2024.
  • Videos must be less than 30 seconds

There are no rules about what materials or technology you can use. This is entirely up to your creative intent and what resources you have access to. 

Submit Here

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Future Designer Champion

$120 Prize for the best submission

Future Designer Runner Up

$60 Future Designer Runner Up

Each will have their name and work published on the Future Designer’s website.

Terms and Conditions

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