The incredible design talent of our high schoolers deserves celebration. The School of Design Innovation is offering you an opportunity to show off your creativity and connect with other talented future designers.

We are challenging you to design a lamp using plastic from milk bottles or juice containers! And there are $1000 of prizes up for grabs!

You can use any light source you like but must use milk bottle/juice container to plastic to make your lampshade.


  • Light quality (brightness, colour tone)
  • The physical shape of the light
  • How you turn the light on and off

Submit your designs on YoutubeInstagram or Twitter using the hashtag #FutureDesignersNZ.


Future designer champion

$500 prize for the best submission

Teachers’ choice

$250 Prize for the submission chosen by high school teachers

Number 8 wire

$250 prize for the most innovative use of limited resources

Fun summer holiday activity for High School students Years 11-13!

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