The incredible design talent of our high schoolers deserves celebration. The School of Design Innovation is offering you an opportunity to show off your creativity and connect with other talented future designers.

We are challenging you to design a package for your favourite snack to share or to protect eggs!

You should consider:

  • How to open and close the package
  • How the package can help with transporting the food
  • Ways to make it easier to share the food

You can make or draw your package design!

Submit your designs on YoutubeInstagram or Twitter using the hashtag #FutureDesignersNZ.

Deadline: 12th July 2021


Future Designer Champion

$400 prize for the best submission

Future Designer Runner Up

$250 For second best submission

Extra Challenge Winner

$200 Prize for best design addressing the Extra Challenge

Fun summer holiday activity for High School students Years 11-13!

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