The incredible design talent of our high schoolers deserves celebration. The School of Design Innovation is offering you an opportunity to show off your creativity and connect with other talented future designers.

We are challenging you to design a lampshade using plastic from milk bottles or plastic juice containers! 

Take these things into consideration:

Crafting form

  • How can you arrange all the practical components of a lamp not only to work but also to look beautiful?

Crafting light quality

  • Which is a great way to elicit different emotions, Think of the lighting in a romantic setting, compared to the lighting at school, or in the kitchen.

To learn how to shape plastic check out our how-to video 

Deadline: 27th September 2024

We are challenging you to create a looping animation!

You have 48 frames in which to create your animated masterpiece. And there are prizes up for grabs!

Remember the best way to achieve a loop is to ensure the first frame and the last frame match up.

You can use any medium you like:

  • Traditional drawing
  • Stop motion
  • Pixel art
  • 3D
  • Or a mix!

You can draw from any and all influences, so show us what you can do with the medium of animation!

Deadline: 27th September 2024


Future Designer Champion

$120 prize for the best submission

Future Designer Runner Up

$60 for second best submission

Extra Challenge Winner

TBC in each Challenge

Check out our competition winners and New Zealand’s future designers!

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